Gayle Lucas

21 Prairie Rose Lane

Philipsburg, MT 59858

Ranch Location: SW Montana

Phone: 406–859-3890

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Flock Info: The 2011 lamb crop is sired by “Great Divide”, Luxford 1131A, who is a massive, good boned, thick, correct stud ram with a stellar pedigree and a track record for siring outstanding lambs that are large, correct lambs with excellent growth, mass and pattern or by “Yukon Jack”, Luxford 07-1311 a stud ram that has sired some tremendous individuals for us; a Pleasant Valley stud, “Shanghai Noon”, who boasts Luxford on the top half of the pedigree and “Gun Fighter” genetics on the bottom half... & scanned a 6.6 inch ribeye: and “Double Shot of Jack.” Prairie Rose 9606-4, a ranch raised stud combining the best of our ram and ewe lines.

Dam Genetics Lines: Several generations of all Prairie Rose females that trace back to some notable genetics of the past and present, including Jack Larsen, BYU, Luxford, Donner Trail/’Paasch, Buckeye Acres, Lost River Livestock, Eagle and Miller Livestock.

Lambing Dates: January through March

Health and Genetics Info: We have maintained a closed ewe flock for several years insuring against many of today’s flock health issues/concerns. Selling QR/RR stock that is negative (NN) for the spider gene. We are also a certified Montana B-Ovis Free Flock, #BO-90.

For Sale: All sale animals available either privately or at the shows/sales & all are either QR/NN or RR/NN.

7 Yearling Rams, stud quality

10 Yearling Ewes

30 Ram Lambs (available May-October)

20 Ewe Lambs (available May -October)

Also available: Mixed aged brood ewes. These are productive ewes with solid pedigrees. Available after weaning.

General Flock Info: We strive to produce a balanced, complete type of Suffolk. Both rams and ewes are selected on performance & phenotype. Rams are selected for rate of gain (1lb. Per day or better @ 60 & 120 days of age), phenotype, reproductive soundness and all breeding rams must come from a productive dam. Ewes are selected from solid maternal lines that milk and mother well. In addition to meeting growth and phenotype criteria, Flock consists of 50-60 females and 4 stud rams. We sell registered stud rams as well as range rams and commerical rams. Premium females are also available.

Sales Consigning to:

Nugget, All-American Show and National Suffolk Sale, Reno, NV June 2-4, 2011

Peaks to Prairies Ram Sale (check our website for dates) September 2011

Choteau Sheep Expo, Choteau, MT September 10,2011

Newell Ram Sale, Newell, So. Dakota, September 14-16, 2011

Private Treaty Sales at the ranch year round.

Comments: We have consistently produced see stock that is competitive on the national level as well as hardy range and commercial rams. While we do have animals that do well in the ring, we have strived to maintain function, production & performance in the flock, making them compatible & complimentary to a variety of management systems. We have produced many high selling ram sires/studs that are particular to the range ram producer or the serious breeder.

Sales Inquires: Visitors and inquires welcome anytime! Pleas contact us 406-859-3890 or email us at or visit us on the web at